What is the Benefit of Using a Mobile Cat Groomer?

In operating a mobile service I have found this far less stressful for cats who do not like to be separated from their owners, therefore the cat is far more confident.

For most cats, taking your cat to a salon can result in it being stressed before it even arrives due to the car journey. Then it has to deal with all the different scents and smells of dogs and other cats which can frighten and panic the cat before you even start to groom. I want to help you and your cat avoid any unnecessary stress.

With a mobile service once the groom is over the ordeal is over for the pet and owner, with no stressful car journey before and after.

Will You Bath My Cat? 

Although I am experienced and have had full training to do this, when it comes to bathing cats I personally think it is unfair, as most cats (but not all) hate water. Therefore if you wish to have your cats bathed with water, I can do this for you, but not on the first visit as I would need to make a full assessment of your cat together with the facilities in which to bath and dry him/her.

Will You Clip My Cats Claws?

Cutting of the nails is included in the groom of the cat at no extra cost. If you wish to call me out to just cut the cat's claws, the charge will then be £10 + travel costs. It is not always appropriate to cut the nails if they go outdoors, as cats need them to protect themselves against other cats and to grip when they jump from one height to another, however, it may be necessary to protect the groomer!

If your cat is less active, you may find its nails become overgrown and you will need to start trimming them – something you probably have never needed to address before. This is something I can do for you included within the price of the groom – we can assess the necessity of this from its age and whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat as outdoor cats need their claws to protect themselves and for climbing..

Old cats need their claws clipped regularly, if not they will grow round into the pad of the paw, and could cause an infection. House cats also need their claws cut more often.

What Is Your Approach to Difficult and/or Older Cats?

Old Cats need to be approached with caution and time must be taken so as not to over stress them. Their skin has become wrinkly and loose in old age and therefore much more difficult to clip.

Sometimes it is better to groom an old cat in two sessions rather than one.

Difficult cats are sometimes easier to do than other cats, a difficult cat is often a fearful cat, once the fear has been overcome the cat becomes relaxed and quite easy to groom.

Very angry cats can be done by using a couple of safety measures which ensures the cat will have difficulty in attacking the Groomer! Cats are more difficult to groom than dogs as they only want to be handled on their terms and therefore restraining them for long periods is highly stressful for the cat. 99 times out of a 100 the most difficult cat can be groomed - very rarely is there a cat that cannot be groomed, but it does happen from time to time.

What Products Will You Use?

I use high-end grooming products produced by John Paul Mitchell – Pet. A pet grooming cruelty-free, high quality range developed with the expertise of a trusted hair care brand, designed specifically to suit the pH level of cats. From Ear & Eye Wipes, brush through with Conditioning Sprays, through to Waterless Foam Shampoos or a full wet bath with Oatmeal Shampoo for sensitive skin or Super Bright Shampoo with a whitening formula for white coated cats. All tested on humans!

Why Does My Cat Need Grooming?

There are many different types and breeds of cats in the world, and most of them have hair! Cats need their hair to protect them from the cold, wind and sun and to act as an extra layer of protection against infections and cuts they might get roaming around outside. They need their claws to catch prey and to fight any predators.

The cats coat is its most admired feature therefore having it groomed regularly is very beneficial. A glossy neat coat is the first indicator of a healthy cat and every cat needs one. If it becomes matted or dull it is important to have it groomed as soon as possible.

Although cats are good groomers, sometimes they need some help. Short haired cats shed just as much, if not more than the long haired cats. Brushing and combing regularly can also reduce hairballs caused by the cat swallowing hair.

Longhaired cats can get tangles and turn into tight, painful matts. These matts are difficult to get out. With patience and special techniques, I can help to remove matts and groom your cat.

If your cat’s coat becomes more unkempt as they age you may need to increase the frequency with which you groom them. However, it is also worth getting them checked by a vet, as an unkempt coat can be a sign of other conditions, such as painful joint or dental disease, or even something like an overactive thyroid gland, which is fairly common in older cats and usually easy to manage.

Keep a close eye on your cat’s drinking as they get older. Increases in water intake are often the first signs of more serious diseases such as kidney problems and diabetes and should prompt you to book a veterinary consultation.

Don’t forget, your cat still needs all of its regular care, such as vaccinations, worming and flea treatment. It is really important not to stop these as they get older.