Cat Grooming

My Cat Grooming Services Include: full groom with dry or wet bath, treatment shampoos, hand held drying if necessary, clipping of mats, paws/hygiene trim, nail trimming, ear and eye cleaning, Full, Lion or Teddy Bear Clip. 

Each cat’s grooming needs are individual.  Determining factors include type of coat, condition of coat, size of cat and importantly the co-operation level of your cat.  Any matted areas that cannot be removed by brushing will usually be clipped out, preventing stress to your cat.

Health, Wellbeing & Grooming

Whilst keeping your cat’s skin and coat healthy is largely influenced by diet, regular grooming is essential in removing dirt, spreading natural oils throughout the coat and preventing tangles, knots and matts from forming.

Throughout the year cats develop coats which involve growing and shedding across the seasons.  Regular brushing to remove dead / loose hair provides multiple benefits that include but are not limited to:  invigorating the skin, eliminating dead cells, and providing a boost similar to a trip to the hairdresser!

Persians, Ragdolls, Birmans, Maine Coons, Siberians and other forest cats should be brushed through daily to avoid any excessive tangles, knots and matts forming.  Matted fur in long haired cats is common but mats can also develop in short haired cats.  If your cat has become unusually aggressive or depressed the reason may stem from matted fur which can cause irritation, pain, infection and even excessive fur balls.

Most cats have fur consisting of a soft undercoat that keeps them warm and a course over coat of guard hairs that protect the coat from the elements.  When your cat sheds their fur the undercoat will loosen and come away from the skin.  If this is not removed when brushing, it can remain on the skin and tangle with the guard hairs.  Your cat can make this tangle worse when self-grooming.  Small particles like dust and even cat litter can be picked up on your cats coat.  When your cat grooms over the item they can spread the hair around it, this can form a knot and make it worse.

The Negative Effects of Cat Matts

•  Irritation on the skin

•  Extensive pain

•  Inflammation

•  Anxiety

•  Infection

•  Excessive hair balls that could lead to intestine blockages

Many of my clients tell me how they have noticed positive behavioural changes and how much happier their cats are following a professional groom.  It is extremely gratifying for me to see the amazing Facebook feedback I get following my visits.  This has validated my decision to make a career change.

A well-groomed cat benefits from a healthier coat and produces less fur balls leaving you a much happier owner.