- Cat Grooming

- Clipping of knots and dematting

- Dry bathing (or wet baths if absolutely necessary)

- Lion clip (only if necessary)

- Teddy Bear clip

- Claw trim

- Eyes & ears cleaned

- Cat holiday cover for local clients (5 mile radius)

A good groom is never cheap
A cheap groom is never good

Ensuring a stress free grooming session that is enjoyable for both you and your cat is my number one priority.  My aim is to negate the need for unnecessary sedation and anesthesia for basic coat care issues by using a humane, loving and fun method of cat grooming, building a strong and trusting bond with your cat.  I schedule 1.5 to 2 hours for each visit which allows for rest time during the session if required.  I provide a considerate and caring service that aims to ensure your cat is as stress free and relaxed as possible without being hurried.

I would advise that your cat is kept locked in the house and in a calm state prior to my arrival.  Please do not feed your cat within 2 hours of the groom so that he/she is not uncomfortable with a full tummy whilst being groomed.  I will telephone from the car to update you if traffic conditions are poor or the previous appointment overruns with a revised time of arrival.

On my first appointment with you we will agree the best room for the grooming session with a view to ensuring your cat has a safe and enjoyable grooming experience.  The room will need power if clipping is necessary and good lighting conditions.

Once I have set up my equipment you may introduce me to your cat so I may spend a little time understanding his/her character and building a relationship to ease any potential nervousness.

A first visit includes a free consultation in order that we may agree a bespoke grooming programme for your cat.  I will ask you to complete a Cat Grooming Record card giving basic details for you and your cat together with his/her health history.  I will need you to sign the Owners Consent form on the back of the card before the first grooming session can commence.

Please acquaint yourself with my full Terms & Conditions prior to the appointment. You can download them from this website here.

For the first visit please allow an additional 15 minutes overall for the free consultation.

I am not a dog groomer who also does cats -
but a cat groomer who only does cats.

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